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Welcome to Mouthful... a Philly-based podcast that digs into the experiences and perspectives of young people to start conversations about big ideas and important issues. Each week, we talk to a young person about the things that matter to them, then journey out into the community to talk to students, adults, experts: anyone who can broaden the conversation.


 What is Mouthful?

Mouthful is a new podcast from award-winning journalist Yvonne Latty and Philadelphia Young Playwrights. Each week, we dig into the themes and ideas at play in a dramatic monologue written by a young person. We listen to the monologue performed by a professional actor, talk to the young person about why they wrote it, and then journey out into the community to broaden the conversation. Mouthful places young people at the center of important conversations, adding their voices and perspectives to the discussions that surround our daily lives at home, in the workplace, in the news, and in the community.


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